Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It's been awhile.


I'm just in a wonderful mood today and truly feel like saying "la di da la la"

After hating it, I'm settling into nursing school and looking forward to the opportunities that graduation in a year will afford me.

I also decided today that I will attend an alumni event next week even though it's far from where I live and it takes place the afternoon before I have a test and a check off. I could use that as an excuse to not go but I've been using too many excuses and that's why haven't done any socializing in months. I love keeping in touch with my college friends but I also need to have flesh and blood friends that I can socialize and hang out with.

I'm looking forward to dressing up and doing my hair for the alumni event and I've been very inspired by these looks by Song of Style:

I plan to wear a dress but I adore these looks. The femininity, the edge, and the accessories.

Not sure there's much more to say. Just that I'm still working on a way I can make and save more money while I am in school.

I won't allow a 5 day full time school schedule, working Sat and Sun, and little money stop me from enjoying life. I'll do it all and save enough for a Latin American adventure late summer next year. Promise.