Friday, June 8, 2012

There are those sudden moments when you realize that the grass truly isn't greener on the other side.

And no one's life is as simple as it seems.

I am thankful for these moments because they give clarity and perspective to life. 

light and love


I like to be pampered and taken care of.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

I put all of my energy, actions, and thoughts towards creating a life that will allow me to be pampered constantly. I will live a life of ease and happiness. : - )

light and love

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Letting go...

Didn't do anything this weekend that's usually considered 'productive.' But I did spend lots of time with my family and (relatively) little time on the internet. We laughed, fought, and just spent wonderful quality time together. We even watched a DVD of a fairy tale from our small ethnic group. It was very interesting and although I had some criticisms, I was able to focus on the positive and feel closer to my culture.

Lastly, I was able to have long, involved conversations with my sweetheart who is visiting my family now but will return home tomorrow morning. Our long-distance relationship for the next year will only make our reunion that much sweeter in 2013. I will keep this in mind when if I start to miss him. All I can say is that love is a beautiful thing.

Overall, life is good. I'm always looking for the positive even while I stay grounded. I'm looking forward to developing the type of joy that keeps me in the sky all the time.

light and love

Friday, June 1, 2012

Passion and Discipline

I've been thinking of how to merge two of my greatest interests (health and sustainability) into a business. I'm fighting the urge to make the preparation and research necessary to make my dream a reality into a struggle. I've already been thinking and speaking such negative words and phrases like "hard work," "too much work," etc. Instead I need to focus more on the fact that every step I take in this direction is a step towards my dreams and the life I want will create for myself and my family.

Reminder: every moment can be a positive experience if I allow it to be. I don't have to give into any waves of anger, resentment or annoyance that begin to rush over me.

I choose to live a joyful life and be less judgmental of the choices others make in life.

I choose happiness.

light and love