Thursday, August 9, 2012

Am I Allergic to My Job?

I've been having some issues lately with my feelings going up and down and it was absolutely horrible on Wednesday. Once I got home from work I really had to take time to center myself and calm down. Originally I thought my bad feelings at work were coming from some personal issues I've been having but my experience yesterday said differently. I woke up in good shape and felt good as I went through my morning ritual and just generally got ready for the day and for work, I noticed that my mood started to dip and only went lower and lower as I got closer and closer to going to work.

By the time I was in the parking lot of my job I  had to make it a point to keep myself positive and upbeat.

This was such a reminder how much environment affects our mood. I've never been to one, but I imagine that a soothing environment is part of what makes a spa so calming and comforting.

All of that to say I was able to visibly lift my mood while at work even though I couldn't control my environment. I created an oasis in my desert of a work environment.  We have more control over ourselves and our feelings than we know.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's been awhile...

Life has been interesting since the last time I've posted. My focus on the positive in life is improving although I know one area I need to work on is my relationship with my mother.

I've been reading a lot and focusing on my goals.

I was just offered a new job yesterday and I start nursing school in less than a month.

I get to visit my sweetheart in about 3 weeks and I was able to find a ticket for a very good price.

Even though life has still been throwing obstacles my way, I am generally content during my days for the following reasons:

1. I put a lot of my focus towards what I desire and I know that I will achieve it all someday. I wrote a page on what I want my life to look like the type of life I will be living in just a few short years. I read it every morning as part of my positive morning ritual and I often read it at selected moments throughout the day: during break at work, etc.

2. I have an awesome brother to talk to and we freely share our feelings on everything. He helps me keep things in perspective while not downplaying my views or feelings and I do the same for him. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful brother.

3. I have been reading a lot of books on the power of thought on our lives. I downloaded most of the free ebooks from this site and have been reading them on my Kindle. I can't say that I agree with everything I read but I'm keeping an open mind because I know that my current way of thinking isn't working for me.

4. I have also been engaging in a lot of self-care. Reading magazines that inspire and uplift both sides of my brain; I have subscriptions to  O the Oprah Magazine and Inc., Magazine. I've started painting my nails regularly again. Right now I'm wearing a beautiful, bright yellow that brings a smile to my face whenever I glance down at my hands. I'm also looking for a way to keep my hair both low-maintenance and stylish.

5. I've been jogging every weekday morning.

There's lots more that I want to share but I think it's better if I save little for later. I think 2 blog posts per week is an achievable goal for this site. I'm itching to share my positive morning routine and (possibly) the page I have written about my future.

thanks for reading

light and love