Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Heaven Is For Real?

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I came across this picture on Pinterest months ago and for some reason it has just stuck with me. The third photo from the top particularly had an effect on me.

I just don't see how heaven can exist. And I'm not even talking from the perspective of whether or not we have souls, how a being could live forever, etc. I'm talking about the idea of a place where humans are eternally happy. I just don't see it. Such a place could only have been designed with assumption that the world is the problem, not humans. I think a lot of the evidence points in the opposite direction: humans are the problem. Of course phenomena like illness and natural disasters contribute to human suffering but a large part of our suffering comes from issues within ourselves and the innumerable ways that people hurt each other. Basically, for heaven to be heaven, you couldn't be human as we understand the concept. 

To be utterly happy in heaven, you couldn't be you. But I don't think that that's how people think about heaven. I think they see themselves as they are (maybe a bit more attractive, smarter, etc) but without anything that makes them sad: "every tear shall be wiped from their eyes," etc.

Even some of the concepts mentioned in heaven (I'm talking strictly from a Christian perspective here) showcase many of the flaws of humanity. For example, people often mention living in mansions (John 14:2) and walking on streets of gold in heaven (Revelation 21:21). Wouldn't these be as vain in heaven as they are on Earth? If we lose our flesh (physical body), why do we even care what we live in or walk on? The fact that people get excited about this stuff shows me that if heaven exists, it won't be too different from what we have here.

And this is leaving out out several other critiques of heaven: the monotony of doing anything forever, the fact that many wonderful people who happened to be born in the wrong religion won't be there while many horrible people who were born into the right one will be, etc.

Confession: I have started attending church again. However, philosophical issues like the one I've discussed above just won't leave me alone.

I hope there isn't an afterlife and, if there is one, people like me can select the 'other' option and can choose to have eternal rest.


  1. Oh Lord Glob?!

    Whaa, not sure my mind (brain) can think now....that image broke it for a moment....and I have wondered the same,,,,huh?! (?!)

  2. ....well, it seems to me that religion is a very pessimistic venture. So perhaps it makes sense? I dunno....

  3. All religions accept the fundamentally 'broken' nature of human beings. Empty churches can be wonderful places to escape the madness of human life and find some temporary peace and silence.

  4. Where in the world did you ever get the idea that Heaven is supposed to be a happy land? “And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.” (Genesis 28:17).

    Prepare yourself to suffer as much in the afterlife as you have in this existence.

  5. Hey Chick,

    How are you?

    You make fine points here. Sorry if I haven´t commented earlier. Just the rush of things.

    You make indeed fine points. Your points are starters to philosophize and question about all this. Very good.

    One thing some thinkers agree on is that people don´t know how much Heaven is actually like. Hell is depicted very detailed in many works of art, but Heaven is most of times just about some clous and pearly gates. This ties in with what can be considered pleasure, if this pleasure is of a lofty nature, and so on and on. Deep philosophical stuff.

    Hell is so easily depicted exactly because people agree very much on what is painful - a lot more than what is 'good', or 'pleasurable' or anything like that. That´s why heaven for some people can consist on a harem, and to others, meditation. Whereas the Hells of various different cultures and religions are generally depicted with more or less the same ideas and punishments, with minor differences here and there.

    So your thoughts here are legitimate. It is confusing, and a lot of people agree on it.

    Many cheers to you.