Friday, May 8, 2015

If I Ever Had a Child

If I ever had a child I would have raise them to love work. Because that is literally all we are here in this world to do: work. Or I would have to raise them to be really skilled at avoiding work.

It would be more practical to raise them to love work since there's always work (made up or not) to be done and people loovvee hard workers.

God have mercy on anyone on this world who doesn't love to work.


  1. Hm, but work is just too broad a concept. What kind of work, how much work, what effects does it have on you and the world, what people are you surrounded with – these all make a difference between a pleasant experience and hell, between “I like to work” and “I hate it with a passion”.

    1. Hi Zoidberg,

      Thanks for commenting. I agree with you in theory, but in reality the work we like is not always the work that will provide for us financially. Hence, why I think it is preferable to raise a child to love work in general. Or more specifically, a child who finds it easy to enter a flow state on most activities

  2. I was born late. I was a slow worker in primary school and the slowest worker in secondary school. I never finished in higher education. I haven't done an honest day of work.

    My mother nevertheless did beat the love of work in me, working herself sick too. But the goodness of work learnt me I was its devil, unworkable to the core.

    Why does work make its adversaries?

    1. lol. Not to make light of your situation but I love that you are so honest about yourself. I can relate to your situation some. I am not unworkable but I am lazy. My mom used to tell me that as a kid and I thought she was overreacting. As an adult I can see that she was right. I really, really, REALLY have to push myself to do more than the bare minimum. I also have real issues around completing things unless they have firm deadlines. And even then I often wait until the last minute.

      The funny thing is, I don't necessarily appear that way when you first meet me. I have an undergraduate degree from one of the top universities in the U.S. and I am currently working full-time and getting a graduate degree part-time. But the only way I make it work is using some of my time at work to study and do homework. If I had to give my all at work every day and then come home and study/do homework, I don't think I could do it.

      I have tried changing myself but it's really hard. It just feels like I am doing double the work: the work of changing myself and the regular work that must be done as a human being in one's particular cultural space. I can't help but think "what's the point?"

      All that to say, I understand where you are coming from. We are all born/nurtured into certain personalities and it's tough when your personality doesn't match what the dominant culture values.

    2. Why bring another wage slave into the world?